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Country Club Dance

Barbara Eden on I Love Lucy
Country Club Dance — I Love Lucy season six, episode 177, originally aired April 22, 1957 Frankly, Country Club Dance is my favorite episode of season 6 of I Love Lucy, for several reasons.  It starts with the ‘boys’ (Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), Fred Mertz (William Frawley) and their new neighbor, Ralph...
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Little Ricky Gets a Puppy

Little Ricky gets a puppy - Lucy on the phone, trying to return the adorable puppy
Little Ricky Gets a Puppy begins with morning in the Ricardo household, as Lucy is taking care of Little Ricky’s menagerie of pets, including birds, frogs and goldfish — using Ethel’s hairnet in the process of moving the goldfish to a different container. Ethel mentions a new tenant,...
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Harpo Marx

I Love Lucy - Harpo Marx playing the harp
Harpo Marx – I Love Lucy season 4 – originally aired May 9, 1955 In Harpo Marx, Lucy Ricardo’s (Lucille Ball) tendency to “exaggerate” again lands her into trouble, as she’s been bragging in her letters back home to Carolyn Appleby about all of the famous Hollywood stars.  However, Carolyn is...
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Ricky’s Movie Offer

Ricky's Movie Offer - Lucille Ball as Marilyn Monroe
Ricky’s Movie Offer – I Love Lucy – originally aired November 8, 1954 The beginning of the trip to Hollywood story arc begins innocently enough, with landlord Fred Mertz (William Frawley) installing a new burglar-proof lock in the apartment of Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball), since his wife Ethel has read about burglars conniving...
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I Love Lucy episode guide – season 3

I Love Lucy - the complete third season - all 31 complete third season episodes
Life for the Ricardos after the birth of Little Ricky, with some of the series’ best episodes, including ‘Million-Dollar Idea’ (aka. Aunt Martha’s Old Fashioned Salad Dressing’ and a two-part visit by Tennessee Ernie Ford as Lucy’s Cousin Ernie
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I Love Lucy episode guide

The Diet - Fred, Ricky, Lucy, Ethel
I Love Lucy, the groundbreaking series starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, almost never got off the ground.  CBS wanted to star Lucille Ball in a television series based on her successful CBS radio series, My Favorite Husband.  But Lucille Ball desperately wanted to work with her then-husband Desi...
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