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The Handcuffs

The Handcuffs, from I Love Lucy season 2, originally aired October 6, 1952

The Handcuffs - Lucy and Ricky handcuffed togetherThe Handcuffs has a simple concept — Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) takes an old pair of handcuffs from her landlord Fred Mertz (William Frawley) who had them as part of an old vaudeville routine, and handcuffs herself to her husband Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz).  But Fred doesn’t have any keys!

The Handcuffs - with Ricky's help, Lucy can sleep on her stomachOne of the highlights of the episode is when they try to go to sleep — Lucy wants to sleep on her stomach on her side of the bed, and tries to manipulate Ricky like a pretzel to make it happen. Eventually, they end up back in the same position as they started — and Ricky solves the issue by carry his wife to the bed, and putting her face-down pointing in the opposite direction.

The next day, the locksmith Mr. Walters arrives — and he’s a big fan of the sleep-deprived Ricky. He keeps talking about his show business ambitions while going through an enormous ring of keys — none of which fit. Mr. Walters runs home to get his collection of antique keys — and is gone for five hours, having locked himself out of his house! Time is running out, and Ricky is scheduled to be on a television show in an hour, and he tells Mr. Walters to meet them there.

At the studio, Mr. Walters hasn’t shown, and Ricky reluctantly goes on to perform, warning Lucy to keep behind him — “and no funny stuff!”

The Handcuffs - Ricky singing with a 'hand' from LucyRicky goes on stage, with Lucy behind the stage curtain, and in a very funny bit, Lucy’s right hand comes from behind to shake the emcees hand, and then act as Ricky’s right hand. Ricky goes on to sing — with help from Lucy’s hand and arm. Mr. Walters chooses that moment to appear with the key, walking on stage — and Lucy pulls him backstage, where he unlocks them in time for Ricky’s finale. Lucy, now free, manages to show her face through the curtain — only to have Ricky push it back!

The Handcuffs is one of the classic, iconic episodes of I Love Lucy and is available on DVD as part of the I Love Lucy season 2 collection.

Funny quotes from The Handcuffs

Ricky’s Agent Jerry: As your agent, I say you go on!
Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz): As myself, I say no!
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball): Do I get a vote?
Agent and Ricky: No!

Trivia for The Handcuffs

  • Will Wright, who played the locksmith in this episode, also played the cantankerous sheriff in the I Love Lucy episode Tennessee Bound three years later.


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