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I Love Lucy – Complete Third Season – DVD review

Buy from Amazon.com With the third season, I Love Lucy was well into it’s stride, with some of the best episodes of the series.

  1. I Love Lucy - the complete third season - all 31 complete third season episodesRicky’s ‘Life’ Story: Not happy about being ignored in Ricky’s magazine interview, Lucy gets back at Ricky.
  2. The Girls Go Into Business€: Lucy & Ethel purchase a dress shop, but things don’t turn out as profitably as they had imagined.
  3. €Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress€: Getting a rare opportunity to perform on TV for their women’s club, Lucy & Ethel purchase the same dress.
  4. Equal Rights: When Lucy & Ethel demand equal rights from Ricky & Fred, the men only think that they are getting back at them at a restaurant.
  5. Baby Pictures€: Lucy’s jealousy over Carolyn Appleby’s (Doris Singleton) baby as compared with Little Ricky is not advantageous to Ricky’s upcoming appearance on a TV show hosted by Carolyn’s husband.
  6. Lucy Tells the Truth: Lucy bets Ricky that she can tell the truth for 24 hours and drives everyone crazy.
  7. The French Revue€: Ricky bets Lucy $50 that she won’t be able to sneak into his new French review club act.
  8. Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment€: Lucy helps Ethel & Fred redecorate their apartment, including new paint and new upholstery . This is a classic example of Lucy engaging in meddling in her friends’ affairs, to hilarious results (I love the scene with the fan and the down pillow, for example), to her own hurt.  (“What happened to your mink?”€ “€œYou’re sitting on it.” — €”you need to see the episode to appreciate that exchange)
  9. Too Many Crooks€: Ricky thinks Lucy is the notorious ‘Madame X’ that has been robbing nearby apartments; she’s really been collecting objects for a club bazaar.
  10. Changing the Boys’ Wardrobe€: Disgusted by Ricky & Fred’s aging wardrobe, Lucy & Ethel sell their husband’s old clothes to a second-hand man.
  11. Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined€: A visit to an eye doctor doesn’t help Lucy audition for a jitterbug number that she has practiced for.
  12. Ricky’s Old Girlfriend: Lucy’s worried about Ricky’s reaction to a visit in NY by one of his old Cuban girlfriends: Carlotta Romero.
  13. The Million-Dollar Idea€: Lucy & Ethel’s TV commercial to sell Lucy’s salad dressing ends up doing much better than expected.
  14. Ricky Minds the Baby€: Ricky doesn’t do as good a job as Lucy of taking care of Little Ricky.
  15. The Charm School: Lucy & Ethel go to charm school to keep Ricky & Fred interested in them.
  16. Sentimental Anniversary: Lucy & Ricky want to have a quiet wedding anniversary, but Fred & Ethel have other ideas.
  17. Fan Magazine Interview€: Lucy & Ricky prepare for a fan magazine interview, but a quarrel between them could change the interview outcome.
  18. Oil Wells: The Ricardos’ new neighbors want them to invest in oil wells.
  19. €œRicky Loses His Temperâ: Lucy bets Ricky that he can’t keep his temper and that she won’t buy any new hats.
  20. Home Movies: When Ricky gets the opportunity to do a film audition, Lucy, Ethel & Fred create their own film that Lucy edits with Ricky’s home movies of Little Ricky.
  21. Bonus Bucks: Lucy & Ethel become obsessed with trying to win money with ‘bonus bucks’.
  22. Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation: Lucy & Ethel go on a game show to try and win a trip to Hawaii to be with Ricky.
  23. Lucy Is Envious: Lucy is too ashamed to admit that she can’t afford a $500 donation to a rich friend’s charity.
  24. Lucy Writes a Novel: Lucy decides to write a novel but doesn’t like the response that she gets from an interested publisher.
  25. Lucy’s Club Dance: When Lucy & Ethel’s ‘all-girl’ orchestra rehearse horribly for a club dance, Ricky has to think fast since Lucy put his name as their orchestra leader.
  26. The Black Wig: To test Ricky’s fidelity, Lucy dons a black wig to tempt him; but Fred knows all about the scheme.
  27. The Diner: When Ricky decides to quit show business, he & Fred purchase a diner; but everyone isn’t too happy with their new duties.  When Fred & Ethel refuse to work behind the counter while Ricky & Lucy greet the customers, reversing roles is hilarious but doesn’t work, as does literally dividing the diner in half – ending with a classic pie fight.
  28. Tennessee Ernie Visits: When Cousin Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Ford, 1919-1991) pays the Ricardos an unexpected visit, Lucy tries to scare him away.
  29. Tennessee Ernie Hangs On: Still staying with the Ricardos, Lucy once again tries to get him to leave by pretending that she & Ricky are impoverished.
  30. The Golf Game: Wanting to spend more time with Ricky & Fred, Lucy & Ethel get the men to teach them how to play golf; but it isn’t how most people play the game.
  31. €œThe Sublease: Planning to be gone for a while, Lucy & Ricky sublet their apartment; but Lucy (per usual) changes her mind and wants to get their apartment back from the timid Mr. Beecher (Jay Novello, 1904-1982).

Editorial review of I Love Lucy the complete third season, courtesy of Amazon.com

I LOVE LUCY: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON continues to follow the wild and wacky comical adventures of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and their infamous neighbors Fred and Ethel as they embark on even more madness in season three. Episodes include such classics as: Friendship, Aunt Martha’s Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing and Cousin Ernie.



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