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I Love Lucy – the complete fourth season – DVD

I Love Lucy – the complete fourth season – Ricky and Lucy go to Hollywood

Buy from Amazon.comI Love Lucy the complete fourth season In the fourth season of I Love Lucy, two of the best elements of the smash comedy combine: Lucy’s attempt to ‘join the show’, and the I Love Lucy cast’s penchant for taking an extended trip – this time, it’s out to Hollywood, as Ricky attempts to break into the movies.  This gives the writers an opportunity to ‘coincidentally’ meet many of the movie stars of the day, including one of my favorite moments from the entire series, when Lucy impersonates Harpo Marx, only to have the authentic Harpo show up, and they recreate the Marx Brothers‘ famous ‘broken mirror’ scene that Groucho and Harpo did in Duck Soup

  1. The Business Manager: Ricky’s hired business manager (Charles Lane) for Lucy’s household budget only allows her $5/month to spend.
  2. Mertz and Kurtz: When Fred poses as a real-estate tycoon to impress an old vaudeville partner (Charles Winninger, 1884-1969), Lucy helps by posing as the Mertz’ maid.
  3. Lucy Cries Wolf: Lucy’s multiple phony attempts to see if Ricky will rush home to save her finally backfires.
  4. The Matchmaker: In spite of Ricky’s objections, Lucy tries to get two singles to propose to one another.
  5. Mr. and Mrs. TV Show: Ricky’s reluctance to do a live morning TV show with Lucy from their apartment backfires for Lucy when she tries to get back at him by sabotaging what she believes is only a dress rehearsal.
  6. Ricky’s Movie Offer: When a talent scout comes to audition Ricky at the Ricardo’s apartment, Lucy isn’t about to give up her big chance.
  7. Ricky’s Screen Test: Lucy wants more than a bit part in Ricky’s audition for ‘Don Juan’.
  8. Lucy’s Mother-in-Law: Lucy tries to impress Ricky’s mother on visit from Cuba by having a Spanish-speaking translator on an earphone.
  9. Ethel’s Birthday: Fred asks Lucy to pick out Ethel’s birthday gift, Ethel’s reaction angers Lucy with hilarious results at a play.
  10. Ricky’s Contract: Overly anxious to hear back from Hollywood, Fred leaves a phony message that Ricky got the part, but Ethel can’t get there fast enough to prevent Lucy from telling Ricky the ‘good’ news.
  11. Getting Ready: When the gang decides to drive to Hollywood, Fred purchases an old used car.
  12. Lucy Learns to Drive: When Ricky gets a new convertible, Lucy insists that she learn to drive; but when Lucy wants to teach Ethel, uh oh!
  13. California, Here We Come: Confusion ensues when Lucy’s mother (Kathryn Card, 1892-1964) decides to join the car trip to California, but a better decision is made as Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel head west!
  14. First Stop: With everyone tired of riding in the car, Lucy pulls over to a run-down restaurant/hotel.
  15. Tennessee Bound: When Ricky is arrested for driving too fast, it’s up to good ol’ Cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford (himself, 1919-1991) to save the day.
  16. Ethel’s Home Town: When the gang stops in Albuquerque to visit Ethel’s family, Ricky, Lucy & Fred aren’t happy when the whole city thinks that Ethel is the star.
  17. L.A. at Last: Lucy, Fred & Ethel eat the famous Brown Derby where Lucy makes a mess of William Holden (himself, 1918-1981) in a nearby booth.
  18. Don Juan and the Starlets: Lucy wants a divorce when it appears that Ricky stayed out all night with five starlets.
  19. Lucy Gets in Pictures: Lucy finally gets her big chance to appear in a film thanks to Ricky, but the headdress is too much to handle.
  20. The Fashion Show: Lucy finds a way to get a free original Don Loper (himself, 1906-1972) dress; but she quickly learns that sunburns and wool don’t mix.
  21. The Hedda Hopper Story”: Lucy tries to further Ricky’s career by trying to impress the rumored hotel guest Hedda Harper (herself, 1885-1966).
  22. Don Juan is Shelved: When Ricky’s movie is shelved, Lucy tries too hard to make Ricky popular and get him another role.
  23. €Bull Fight Dance: When Ricky lets Lucy appear with him on a TV show, she’s not too happy about being a bull.
  24. Hollywood Anniversary: Ricky frantically attempts to find out his forgotten anniversary date and plans a huge surprise nightclub party for Lucy, who is miserable thinking that he’s forgotten it.
  25. The Star Upstairs: Desperately wanting to see Cornel Wilde (himself, 1915-1989) whose hotel room is directly above the Ricardos, Lucy will do anything to see him and ends up trying to climb back down using bedsheets.
  26. In Palm Springs: With Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel bored with other, Lucy & Ethel travel to Palm Springs and meet Rock Hudson (himself, 1925-1985).
  27. The Dancing Star: To impress the visiting Carolyn Appleby (Doris Singleton), Lucy convinces Van Johnson (himself) to let her dance with him.
  28. Harpo Marx: Again to impress the visiting Carolyn Appleby, Lucy pretends to be Harpo Marx, but the real Harpo (himself, 1888-1964) shows up!
  29. Ricky Needs an Agent: When Lucy poses as Ricky’s agent, she accidentally has his movie contract canceled.
  30. The Tour: Lucy & Ethel leave their Hollywood tour bus so that Lucy can pick a grapefruit from Richard Widmark’s (himself) garden

Editorial review of I Love Lucy, the complete fourth season, courtesy of Amazon.com

I LOVE LUCY: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON continues to follow the wild and wacky comical adventures of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and their infamous neighbors Fred and Ethel as they embark on even more madness in season four. Episodes include such classics as: ‘Ricky’s Movie Offer’, ‘€œMr. & Mrs. TV Show’ and ‘Lucy Gets in Pictures.’


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