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I Love Lucy – the second season – DVD

I Love Lucy - Season 2 - DVDEditorial Review of I Love Lucy the complete second season, courtesy of Amazon.com

Buy "I Love Lucy - Season 2" from Amazon.comSeason 2 of I Love Lucy includes two of the most famous half-hours in television history. Job Switching originally broadcast mid-September of 1952, is the crazy, battle-of-the-sexes episode in which husbands Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley) trade roles with wives Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Vivian Vance), culminating in the men making a shambles of domestic chores while Lucy and Ethel take disastrous work at a chocolate factory. That’s right: This is the show where the ladies have a Chaplinesque experience with a too-fast factory conveyor belt, forcing them to hide candies in their mouths, in their hats, and down their blouses lest a tough forewoman fire them for incompetence. A half-century later, the scene is still so fresh and funny it would grace any current sitcom. €Lucy Goes to the Hospital,€ which received an amazing 71.7 rating on January 19, 1953, is the historic episode featuring the birth of Little Ricky and a load of wonderful slapstick. Other television series (The Dick Van Dyke Show) and movies (Nine Months) have tried to top Lucy’s time-to-go-to-the-hospital shenanigans, but there’s nothing like the sight of Ricky and Fred falling all over themselves or Ricky showing up at the maternity ward (direct from a voodoo-themed show at the Tropicana) in witch doctor makeup.

The other 31 episodes included in I Love Lucy: The Compete Second Season have choice moments, too. Lucy Becomes a Sculptress finds the ever-ambitious redhead falling for empty flattery at an art-supply store and commencing an ill-advised career working in clay. Ricky agrees to bless this new endeavor if an art critic says she has talent, but Lucy tries to increase her chances by posing as a bust of herself–resulting in mayhem, of course. The usual running themes in I Love Lucy–Lucy’s misguided desire to be a part of Ricky’s musical career, and her penchant for disguising herself to investigate something–are all over The Complete Second Season. Ricky Loses His Voice is a delightful piece in which Ricky’s laryngitis inspires Lucy, the Mertzes, and an aging chorus line to put on a Tropicana spectacle, and Ricky Has Labor Pains finds Lucy and Ethel going undercover as male reporters to find out what happens at a stag party. Lots to enjoy here, and the special features include bloopers, information about the guest cast, and snippets from Ball’s radio show. —Tom Keogh

Product Description of I Love Lucy – the complete second season

I LOVE LUCY: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON continues to follow the wild and wacky comical adventures of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and their infamous neighbors Fred and Ethel as they embark on even more madness in season two.

DVD Features of I Love Lucy the complete second season

  • Available Subtitles: Spanish
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
  • All 31 episodes from the 1952-53 season restored and remastered
  • Deleted footage and lost scenes
  • 3 behind-the-scenes featurettes
  • Outtakes
  • Original series openings & animated sequences
  • Script excerpts
  • Five complete episodes of Lucy’s radio show
  • Guest cast information
  1. Job Switching

    Lucy & Ethel get jobs at a chocolate factory, while Ricky & Fred try their hands at being “ouse-husbands” and cook up a large mess; a famous & very popular all-time favorite episode.

  2. The Saxophone

    Lucy’s talent (or lack thereof) of playing the saxophone is showcased when she wants to join Ricky on a band tour.

  3. The Anniversary Present

    Lucy thinks Ricky is having an affair when he’s really just trying to buy her a set of pearls.

  4. The Handcuffs

    Lucy & Ricky get handcuffed in what they thought were fake handcuffs.

  5. The Operetta

    Lucy writes an operetta for her woman’s club to perform to raise money. Unfortunately, Lucy hasn’t been very good managing the club’s finances.

  6. Vacation from Marriage

    Lucy & Ethel take a vacation from Ricky & Fred.

  7. The Courtroom

    Ricky & Lucy purchase a new TV for Fred & Ethel’s anniversary, but things go awry when the TV appears to need to be adjusted.

  8. Redecorating

    Lucy thinks that she’s won new furniture and decides to give their apartment a wallpaper makeover.

  9. Ricky Loses His Voice

    Lucy takes advantage of Ricky’s laryngitis to write a new show for Ricky’s club.

  10. Lucy is Enciente

    Lucy tries to find the right way to tell Ricky that she’s pregnant.

  11. Pregnant Women are Unpredictable

    Ricky tries to help Lucy in the house so that she can stay in bed.

  12. Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song

    Lucy “says farewell’ to show business during a “gay-90’s” review.

  13. Lucy Hires an English Tutor

    Wanting their child to learn proper English, Lucy hires a tutor with the promise that Ricky will let him perform.

  14. Ricky Has Labor Pains

    Ricky feels neglected.

  15. Lucy Becomes a Sculptress

    Lucy takes up sculpting to provide an artistic environment for their coming child.

  16. Lucy Goes to the Hospital

    Ricky, Fred & Ethel practice to make sure they get Lucy to the hospital calmly and efficiently, and Ricky also has a voodoo show to do.

  17. Sales Resistance

    A salesman talks Lucy into buying a vacuum cleaner and Ricky is not very pleased. Lucy tries to resell it to “Mrs. Simpson”.

  18. The Inferiority Complex

    Lucy develops an inferiority complex, so Ricky hires a psychiatrist for help.

  19. The Club Election

    Lucy bribes a fellow club-member to be nominated for a coveted club position and ends up running against Ethel.

  20. The Black Eye

    Ricky accidentally gives Lucy a black eye, but Fred & Ethel don’t believe the real story.

  21. Lucy Changes Her Mind

    Lucy has trouble making up her mind, including when dining out.

  22. No Children Allowed

    A frequent “I Love Lucy” recurring character is introduced: Mrs. Trumble.

  23. Lucy Hires a Maid

    Having difficulty taking care of the home & baby, Ricky tells Lucy to hire a maid, but who is really in charge: Lucy or the maid?

  24. The Indian Show

    Lucy wants to be in Ricky’s Native American show.

  25. Lucy’s Last Birthday

    Lucy gets upset when she doesn’t want anything special for her birthday and gets exactly that. Based on one her My Favorite Husband radio episodes.

  26. The Ricardos Change Apartments

    Ricky & Lucy move into a larger apartment to have a separate nursery.

  27. Lucy the Matchmaker

    Lucy wants to help a friend find a mate, but Ricky doesn’t want her to get involved.

  28. Lucy Wants New Furniture

    Lucy gets a new sofa & coffee table without Ricky’s permission, so she tries to economize to pay for it.

  29. The Camping Trip

    Lucy goes camping with Ricky with Ethel’s help.

  30. Ricky’s Life Story

    An article in “Life” magazine about Ricky makes Lucy want to resurrect her own show business career desires.

  31. Ricky & Fred Are TV Fans

    Ricky & Fred are engrossed with a boxing match on TV and nothing that Lucy & Ethel do can change it; not even nearly getting arrested.

  32. Never Do Business With Friends

    Ricky gets Lucy a new washing machine. so Fred & Ethel purchase their old one, but it doesn’t work as well as expected.


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