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I Love Lucy poster gallery

I Love Lucy Poster Gallery for Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball is best known for her role as Lucy Ricardo on the ground-breaking television series, I Love Lucy,€ co-starring her then-husband Desi Arnaz.  Many of the best-known moments of that series are here, such as the famous “Candy Factory” scene with co-star Vivian Vance, the grape-stomping scene, or Lucy Ricardo’s attempt to break into television with the filming of the “Vitameatavegamin” commercial.

Also included are pictures of her with her co-stars, and several romantic pictures of Lucy and Desi Arnaz.

However, people tend to forget that Lucille Ball had a long career in the movies before her television series, and some “glamour” photographs of Lucy are here as well.

I Love Lucy - TV History Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel embarking on their trip to California, from the I Love Lucy episode “California, Here We Come!“, part of the fourth season’s big ‘trip to California’ story arc where Ricky goes to Hollywood to star in a movie, Don Juan.
I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory Tin sign depicting the classic “Chocolate Factory” scene from the equally classic “Job Switching” episode 39 of I Love Lucy, where Lucy and Ethel, determined to prove to Ricky and Fred that they work just as hard as the men, switch jobs with the boys, and end up working on a conveyor belt in a chocolate factory. As Lucy said, lying in order to get the job dipping chocolates, “They used to call me the Big Dipper!”
I Love Lucy An actual scene from the notorious “Job Switching” episode of I Love Lucy. Note how Lucy and Ethel’s cheeks are bulging from the chocolates that they’ve been stuffing in their mouths, since the candy’s been coming on the conveyor belt faster than they can deal with. Also note the forewoman’s shouting to her coworkers to “speed it up a little!”
Lucy Fan Parking sign for the I Love Lucy fan. I love the “All others got some ‘splainin to do”
I Love Lucy Another classic episode, “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” from the I Love Lucy TV series, where Lucy is ‘discovered’ by an Italian movie producer, and decides to prepare for her role by learning to stomp grapes. One of the most popular episodes of the series.
I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Tin sign commemorating the “Lucy Does a Television Commercial” episode of I Love Lucy. The classic Vitameatavegamin commercial, where Lucy gradually becomes intoxicated as she keeps sampling the product, unaware that it has a very high alcohol content.
Lucille Ball An actual scene from the famous “Lucy Does a Television Commercial” – I love the look on Lucy’s face as she swallows the Vitameatavegamin – “… and it’s so tasty, too!”
I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Tin sign commemorating the Vitameatavegamin commercial — and it’s so tasty, too!
I Love Lucy - TV History I Love Lucy tin sign – showcasing Lucille Ball’s visage
I Love Lucy Scene from another classic I Love Lucy episode, “The Million-Dollar Idea” where Lucy and Ethel go on television to sell their home-made “Aunt Martha’s Salad Dressing” — and the orders start pouring in! Unfortunately, Ricky discovers that they’re losing 3 cents on every sale …
Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz Classic image of Lucy hugging Ricky
I Love Lucy Tribute Tin sign with a color image of Lucy and Desi (I love how Desi’s eyes look at Lucy, while Lucy looks out at the audience) on top of a montage of black and white scenes from I Love Lucy.
Lucille Ball Monochrome image of Lucy doing a ‘surprised’ look (a ‘take’ as it’s called)
I (HEART) LUCY License Plate I Love Lucy license plate – in full color, America’s Favorite Redhead
I Love Lucy A classic I Love Lucy moment, where Ethel and Lucy have a bet with Fred and Ricky, about who can catch the biggest fish. And both sides are not above cheating … I love the look that Desi gives Lucy, and vice versa.



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