Little Ricky Gets a Puppy

Little Ricky gets a puppy - Lucy on the phone, trying to return the adorable puppy
Little Ricky Gets a Puppy begins with morning in the Ricardo household, as Lucy is taking care of Little Ricky’s menagerie of pets, including birds, frogs and goldfish — using Ethel’s hairnet in the process of moving the goldfish to a different container. Ethel mentions a new tenant,...
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Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment

Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment - the feathers go flying
Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment, I Love Lucy season 3, originally aired November 23, 1953 Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment begins with Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) bragging on the phone to all of her friends how her husband Ricky is going to buy her a mink stole — while Ricky...
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Building a Bar-B-Q

Building a Bar-B-Q - Ricky expresses his displeasure to Lucy about the barbeque, visible in the background
Building a Bar-B-Q, I Love Lucy season 6, originally aired April 8, 1957 Building a Bar-B-Q begins with a (nearly) still sleeping Ricky Ricardo coming down the stairs, with his wife Lucy putting his hat on him, etc. and pushing him out the door … only for Ethel...
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Lucy and the Loving Cup

Lucy and the Loving Cup - Lucy with the trophy stuck on her head
Lucy and the Loving Cup, I Love Lucy season 6, originally aired January 7, 1957 Lucy and the Loving Cup begins with Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) practising a speech — he’s to present a trophy to the most winning jockey of all time at Club Babalu. While he’s practising,...
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Mr. and Mrs. TV Show

Mr and Mrs TV Show - Lucy's revenge on Ricky
Mr. and Mrs. TV Show – I Love Lucy season 4, originally aired April 11, 1955 Mr. and Mrs. TV Show begins with Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) excitedly returning home after eating at an exclusive restaurant (21), where she met a well-known advertising executive, Mr. Cromwell, who is looking...
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Lucy Cries Wolf

Lucy cries wolf - an angry Lucy comes in from the window ledge
Lucy Cries Wolf – I Love Lucy season 4, episode 98, originally aired October 18, 1954 Lucy Cries Wolf begins in an ordinary enough way, with Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and his wife Lucy (Lucille Ball) at the breakfast table.  There, Lucy points out to Ricky an article about a burglary...
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The Golf Game

The Golf Game – I Love Lucy originally aired May 17, 1954 In The Golf Game, Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) quickly regrets giving a set of golf clubs to her husband Ricky (Desi Arnaz), as he and their friend Fred Mertz (William Frawley) quickly spend all of their free time during the day playing...
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In Palm Springs

In Palm Springs - Rock Hudson, Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance
In Palm Springs, I Love Lucy season 4, originally aired April 25, 1954 In Palm Springs begins with Ricky and Lucy Ricardo, and Fred and Ethel Mertz, in the Ricardos’ hotel room, trying to decide what to do … which turns into a discussion of the “little things”...
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Tennessee Ernie Hangs On

Tennessee Ernie hangs on - Ernie and Lucy eating in the kitchen, as Lucy pretends to be a pauper
Tennessee Ernie Hangs On – I Love Lucy—episode number 95, season 3, originally aired: May 10, 1954 Tennessee Ernie Ford continues his visit with the Ricardos, driving them to distraction.  I truly love the country bumpkin character that Tennessee Ernie Ford plays here, being both irritating and endearing...
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