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Sentimental Anniversary

Synopsis of Sentimental Anniversary

Lucy & Ricky want to have a quiet wedding anniversary, but Fred & Ethel have other ideas.

Review of Sentimental Anniversary

In a very sweet episode, Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ricky (Desi Arnaz) are planning to celebrate their anniversary.  The episode begins with them looking through a scrapbook of photos from their lives together, complete with a photo of Fred and Ethel Mertz’ wedding.  Ricky is planning on taking Lucy out for a night on the town, but Lucy simply wants a quiet evening alone – just the two of them.

Their friends and landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz (William Frawely, Vivian Vance) are planning a surprise party, however.  When Lucy needs and excuse to not attend, she invents a business meeting for Ricky.  With Rogers and Hammerstein!  But Fred and Ethel aren’t easily dissuaded …

They figure that, since Mrs. Trumball will watch Little Ricky while the Ricardos are out, they’ll have to be back by 9:00.  And since, as their landlords they have a key to the apartment, the surprise party is on.

Lucy and Ricky celebrate their anniversary - hiding in the closet - in Sentimental Anniversary, I Love LucyThat evening, Ricky and Lucy are having a quiet dinner at home in the living room, after having pretended to leave for their “meeting” for the Mertzes benefit.  When they hear the Mertzes letting themselves in!  Rather than be caught in their “white” lie, they scoop up their dinner in the tablecloth and hide in the closet.  This gives some opportunity for the Ricardos to eavesdrop on the Mertzes as they set up the party.  Then the guests arrive, and wait for the Ricardos to come home …

Of course, since the Ricardos are stuck in the closet, and can’t leave without revealing their subterfuge, they’ll wait a long time.  Until Ricky gets an idea, and throws their bottle of champagne into the kitchen.  All of the party guests dash into the kitchen, thinking that the Ricardos are coming in the back door.  Lucy and Ricky dash out the front door, only to enter a moment later and feign surprise at their friends’ party, ending the episode.

Funny quotes from Sentimental Anniversary

Fred Mertz (William Frawley): [to his wife, Ethel] As my hair thinned out, your hips spread.

Trivia for Sentimental Anniversary

  • When Lucy and Ricky are looking through their photo album, the pictures are from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s personal collection.  Except for the picture of Fred and Ethel. Real pictures of a younger William Frawley and a younger Vivian Vance were combined.



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