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Sweet Adeline – song lyrics

Song lyrics to Sweet Adeline, sung on the I Love Lucy episode Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song by Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, William Frawley, Vivian Vance

[Sweet Adeline was first published in 1903, with lyrics by Richard H. Gerard to music by Harry Armstrong, from a tune he had written in 1896]

Cut this picture into you and me
Burn it backwards, kill this history
Make it over, make it stay away
Or hate’ll say the ending that love started to stay
There’s a kid a floor below me saying brother can you spare
Sunshine for a brother, old man winter’s in the air
Walked me up a story, asking how you are
Told me not to worry, you were just a shooting star
Sweet Adeline
Sweet Adeline
My Clementine
Sweet Adeline
It’s a picture-perfect evening and I’m staring down the sun
Fully loaded, deaf and dumb and done
Waiting for sedation to disconnect my head
Or any situation where I’m better off than dead

Trivia for Sweet Adeline

  • A piece of “Sweet Adeline” was featured in Broadway Folly, a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.
  • The song was performed by The Marx Brothers in their 1931 film Monkey Business.
  • The song was covered by jam band Phish in several live performances.
  • The Seekers used the song as a regular part of their live act in the 1960s
  • Country music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers references “Sweet Adeline” in his song “My Old Pal”.
  • Mickey Mouse serenades Minnie Mouse with “Sweet Adeline” in the 1929 short The Karnival Kid.
  • “Sweet Adeline” is referenced in the barbershop songs, “Down Our Way” and “I Love That Barbershop Style” as well as many other popular barbershop songs.


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