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Lucy’s Really Lost Moments

Lucy's Really Lost Moments
Lucy’s Really Lost Moments is a collection of vintage television appearances by Lucille Ball outside of her various series. This is really a set for Lucy fans. The main items can be viewed in original black-and-white, or colorized versions.
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Mame (1974) starring Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur, Robert Preston
Mame (1974) starring Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur, Robert Preston Synopsis of Mame Lucille Ball stars in Mame.  Mame is a film of the blockbuster Broadway musical that tells the story of the flamboyant, unconventional and, above all, glamorous Mame.
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Five Came Back

Five Came Back - Lucille Ball
Five Came Back (1939) starring Lucille Ball, Chester Morris, John Carradine, Allen Jenkins, C. Aubrey Smith Twelve people are aboard Coast Air Line’s flagship the Silver Queen en route to South America when the airplane encounters a storm and is blown off course. The plane crashes into headhunter-inhabited...
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Dance, Girl, Dance

Dance, Girl, Dance - starring Lucille Ball, Maureen O'Hara, Ralph Bellamy
Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) starring Lucille Ball, Maureen O’Hara  Hard-working ballet dancer Judy O’Brien (Maureen O’Hara), and her street-wise gal-pal Bubbles (Lucille Ball) work as members of a small-time dance troupe operated by Madame Basilova (Maria Ouspenskaya). The story begins with their dance troupe performing in a seedy...
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The Lucy and Desi Collection

The Lucy and Desi Collection - DVD - Too Many Girls - The Long, Long Trailer - Forever, Darling
Editorial Review of The Lucy & Desi Collection starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, courtesy of Amazon.com  Besides making television history as the producers and stars of television’s immensely popular I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, starred in three quite agreeable feature films. The Lucy & Desi Collection includes the...
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Her Husband’s Affairs

Her Husband's Affairs, starring Lucille Ball and Franchot Tone
Her Husband’s Affairs (1947), starring Lucille Ball, Franchot Tone Her Husband’s Affairs is a comedy starring Lucille Ball as Margaret Weldon, a wife who is constantly trying to help her husband, ad man William Weldon (played by Franchot Tone) — who doesn’t want the help.  This is leading...
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The Quiz Show – I Love Lucy season 1

The Quiz Show - bum, Lucy and Ricky in the Ricardos apartment
The Quiz Show – I Love Lucy season 1, episode 5, originally aired November 12, 1951 In The Quiz Show, Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) is strapped for cash (for the first time, but not the last) and decides to go on a quiz show to make some money and catch...
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Best Foot Forward (1943)

Best Foot Forward, starring Lucille Ball, Harry James
Best Foot Forward (1943), starring Lucille Ball, Harry James A fun musical, that frequently had me asking, “When is Lucy coming back on screen?” Please understand, that even without Lucy on screen, it’s a fun musical farce.  There are several nice musical numbers and some Wonderful music by the Harry James...
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Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949)

Miss Grant Takes Richmond - Lucille Ball - William Holden - DVD
Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949) starring Lucille Ball, William Holden, James Gleason  Miss Grant Takes Richmond begins at a secretarial school, where the grave-looking Charles Lane is overseeing his class, including Ellen Grant, played by the lovely Lucille Ball.  Most of the class is performing well, but not Lucille Ball’s character, which she...
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Meet the People (1944)

Meet the People, starring Lucille Ball
Meet the People(1944) starring Lucille Ball, Dick Powell  At its’ heart, Meet the People is a musical romantic comedy, where shipyard worker William ‘Swanee’ Swanson (played by Dick Powell) has written a patriotic play about the American worker during World War II, and actress Julie Hampton (played by Lucille Ball) is...
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