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The Fur Coat – I Love Lucy

The Fur Coat – I Love Lucy, episode 10, originally aired 12/10/1951

A classic I Love Lucy episode, with Lucy taking the idea of ‘falling in love with the fur coat’ to ludicrous extremes – wearing it while doing the dishes, wearing it over her pajamas, etc.  Of course, her eventual revenge on Ricky (buying a cheap imitation fur and cutting it down to a sleeveless t-shirt mink in front of Ricky, with Ricky believing that it’s the expensive fur coat), as well as using Ricky’s taking away her fur coat anniversary present as leverage for expensive make-up gifts.  Since it wasn’t ever their anniversary to begin with!  This is why I got married on New Year’s Eve, so I can’t ever forget it …

The Fur Coat - I Love Lucy - where Lucy becomes too attached to a new fur coatLucy falls in love with the fur coat that Ricky brought home for their anniversary – only it’s a prop from the club that Ricky brought home to show Lucy. Lucy is so in love with the fur coat that she won’t even remove it at bedtime; so Ricky arranges to have Fred pretend to be a cat burglar to steal the coat. Until a real cat burglar comes along …

The Fur Coat is available as part of the season 1 I Love Lucy DVD collection.

I Love Lucy quotes

Fred (William Frawley): Lucy’s attached to the coat, huh?
Ricky (Desi Arnaz): I’m beginning to think the coat is attached to Lucy!

Ethel (Vivian Vance) [to Ricky] Oh, a mink coat!  Oh Ricky, Lucy’ll just go out of her mind!
Fred (William Frawley) [to Ricky]: I oughta slug you.  What are you trying to do, make a bum outta me?
Ethel (Vivian Vance) [to Fred]: Don’t blame that on him.  You were a bum before he was born.

I Love Lucy Trivia

  • For the first time, Ricky says “Honey, I’m home!”


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